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Philadelphia is a city of awesomeness and charm so it goes without saying that travelling in this city needs transport to cater well.

PhiladelphiaLimo.us is the best company which can ensure that. We have more than 26 vehicles available, including 2 big party busses. PhiladelphiaLimo.us is ready to offer excellent transportation service for special events or casual ones. Whether it is wedding event, prom, or more casually ones, dining out and nights out, our chauffeured vehicles can offer you high-class transportation service.

Has been around for years, PhiladelphiaLimo.us have received tons of positive feedbacks from our customers. We also maintain our good business relationships with our customers, one of the reasons why we are always busy in low and high season.

With excellent reputation and popular branding, we are confident to deliver the excellent service which can surpass your expectation.

For party goers, we really understand the nature of the event. It will be more fantastic to gather more people in one place. That’s why we keep providing larger sized limo services for larger group of people. We come with 2 super-sized party buses. Presenting Ford F750 and Hummer Transformer, you can expect to gather up to 50 people. Not only our fleet, but also our incredible staff are the reason why you should choose us for your party event.

We have excellent customer satisfaction, the solid proof of our high class service standard. Whatever the occasion that you plan, we are so flexible in personalizing our vehicles to enliven the nuances.

We know how to get a party going! In fact, our staffs do love to have a party so that they know what you really need. Our big sized party buses are equipped with highest quality of amenities which really vivify your night party. Let’s break them down: state of art sound system, HD TV, nice couches, nice mini bar, laser shoots, and many more.

Our party buses are associated with distinct luxury and comfort.

With years of experience, we have learned every aspects to make such an excellent private celebrations. Hiring PhiladelphiaLimo.us is a well-known trend, and excellent move.

If some people can enjoy the limo service because they are important people, you can have the same experience to hang out in lavish party buses with your friends and family. The royal and exclusive feeling that you can get is on different levels than other means of transportation. So, hire us today!

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